We take pride in the opportunity to be part of your health care and treatment. When it comes to joint replacement surgery, our main goal is to not only try every possible non-operative treatment before surgery but also do everything we can to ensure a quick and successful recovery.

Every patient is set up with their own specialized treatment program and guided through pre-operative planning and then followed closely during post-operative recovery. In addition to a specialized care team that's dedicated to surgical patients, we also offer all a new pre-operative procedure that significantly reduces post-operative pain for Total Knee Replacements.

This new and exciting treatment option, prior to surgery, uses the body's natural response to cold to treat peripheral nerves around the knee and immediately reduce pain. The greatest thing is; this treatment is done without the use of drugs or pharmaceuticals.

We use a treatment device that works by applying targeted cold to a peripheral nerve. A precise cold zone is formed under the skin that immediately prevents the nerve from sending pain signals without causing damage to the surrounding structures. After 6-8 weeks the nerve regenerates and function is then restored leaving no permanent damage.

During the time of surgery a deep nerve block is used to numb all the nerves in the leg for the first 2-3 days. This is standard for knee replacements everywhere and part of our practice as well. However, we go a step farther and use this new treatment in addition to help decrease your pain for 6-8 following surgery instead of the standard 2-3 days.

This procedure is covered by most insurances and does not limit function in any way, as we are only targeting the peripheral nerves.

For more information, please feel free to call our office to schedule an appointment for a consultation.