No matter what sport you enjoy most, athletes are prone to injury because of the added wear and tear on the musculoskeletal system, especially the shoulders, knees, and ankles. The Southeast Michigan Center for Orthopedics doctors treat sports injuries at all levels, including youth sports (age 12+), college athletes, pro athletes, and weekend warriors.

The board-certified and fellowship-trained sports medicine specialists were trained to treat all kinds of sports injuries. Bring your injured shoulders, knees, and ankles to Southeast Michigan Center for Orthopedics for an expert evaluation. You’ll learn about possible treatment options and get a personalized recommendation.

The team at Southeast Michigan Center for Orthopedics stays current with advancements in sports medicine research and athlete care throughout the US. The team's dedication to sports medicine has made them local and national experts, and the obvious choice for injured athletes in Detroit.

Southeast Michigan Center for Orthopedics recognizes that athletes have unique needs in terms of recovery. You need to return to the game at or above your pre-injury performance level. We know how to get you there, with or without surgery.

Non-surgical treatment for your injury may include specialized physical rehabilitation exercises and stretches to strengthen and condition the joint, muscle, or tendon as it heals. An injection of anti-inflammatory medication can reduce your pain level so that you can participate in exercise and make progress quickly and safely. Partially torn ligaments will often heal without surgery.

Severe injuries, like completely torn ligaments or tendons, will likely need surgery. The doctors use minimally invasive arthroscopy to repair the damage and set you on the path to a shorter recovery. You’ll have less pain, less bleeding, and less downtime compared to traditional surgery. Arthroscopy can be used for shoulder, knee, and ankle injuries.

In rare cases where the damage is beyond repair, orthopedic surgery can be performed to replace or rebuild joints and broken bones, including fracture repair and joint replacement (shoulders and ankles only).

For Detroit-area athletes, there is no better choice than Southeast Michigan Center for Orthopedics for sports medicine. We welcome patients age 12 and up. Call (248) 792-9881.