General orthopedic conditions rarely require surgery. For example, arthritis may be treated with medication, physical therapy, and lifestyle modifications before surgery is considered. Simple, non-traumatic fractures tend to heal on their own. Sprains and strains typically get better with rest, hot and cold therapy, gentle stretching, and progressive strengthening exercises.

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The doctors will determine if you need orthopedic surgery based on the extent of your injuries and the effectiveness of conservative, non-surgical treatments. Auto accident patients with multiple injuries may require immediate surgery. Other injuries and conditions may respond to conservative treatments, which the doctors prefer to try first. However, if you have tried medication, physical therapy, and lifestyle changes and are still in pain, then surgery may be the best treatment option for you.

When you work with a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon, you don’t have to worry about which treatment is best for you. Trust the doctor's expertise, and you will not be disappointed.

Southeast Michigan Center for Orthopedics provides comprehensive care for orthopedic ailments and injuries, with a highly individualized approach. Why? Because no two injuries OR patients are the same. You have certain needs that no one else has. Allow us to meet those needs and exceed your expectations.

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